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Suspension Kits Available From NamAuto in Namibia

EFS Suspension Kits

Accessory Fitment Centre is a proud supplier and fitter of EFS (Enhanced 4WD Suspension) suspensions kits.

We have many different suspension kits to suit your needs, whether you are towing, off-roading or carrying that extra load. With standard, raised, H/D raised or extra H/D raised and many different makes and models available. There are three EFS ranges to choose from, suitable for most budgets and needs:

  • EFS Enforcer
  • EFS Elite
  • EFS X-Treme

Design & Integration

EFS is designed and developed in Australia, exceeding our performance expectation. EFS is not just a generic shock absorber but a fully integrated system combining springs, shocks and components that are matched through appropriate valving and rates to suit specific 4WD vehicles.

Control & Safety

EFS gives you added control and safety when it counts, with improved handling and better designed shock absorber and spring combinations. EFS wil help keep your loaded 4WD under control.

EFS Warranty

EFS is backed by a 3 year/100,000 KM warranty.

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TJM Suspensions


If wheels were your car’s feet, then suspension would be the legs. Just as the strength, length and flexibility of your legs impact on the way in which you move and the way you connect to the ground, different types of suspension determine the functionality, safety and comfort of your vehicle on different terrain. Made up of several parts that work together like joints and bones, suspension affects absolutely every aspect of driving.

Whether you install only shock absorbers, springs or a complete TJM suspension kit you are sure to notice an immediate improvement in the vehicle’s ride, handling, towing and load carrying qualities. That’s why TJM XGS Gold suspension is the wise choice for the four wheel driver or light commercial vehicle user who values optimum performance on and off road.

4WD’s have factory-engineered suspension but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving. Given the importance of suspension, it’s surprising how frequently people place priority on installing bull bars, roof racks and other 4WD accessories without even considering their suspension needs.

Installing a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM XGS suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride, handling, load carrying and towing capabilities.

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