Performance Chip - CHIPBOX Available From NamAuto in Namibia

CHIPBOX is performance chip designed to increase the power output of turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. The units are "vehicle specific", unlike many performance chips in the market place. The advantage of this is that the customer gets a performance chip designed for his particular vehicle and engine type with a "map" suitable to his car.

CHIPBOX is a performance chip designed specifically for automotive use. For example, the electronic board is immersed in a "resin" protecting the components against vibration of the vehicle as well as the harsh corrosive elements out there.

As our performance chip is plug 'n play, it is easily removed before a service making it undetectable to any diagnostic equipment. 95% of our clients own a vehicle that is still under warranty.

As the units are vehicle specific, they use the same plugs as the original ones of the manufacturers, therefore making it unnecessary to cut any wiring. The performance chip simply fits into the existing wiring harness of the vehicle with ease. In most cases, the installation and de-installation takes only a few minutes.

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NamAuto - Chipbox - Vehicle Performance

Pedal Booster

Our performance chip is also very well complemented by the installation of another product known as the Pedal Booster. This unit improves both the turbo lag associated with turbo engines as well as the throttle response of these vehicles. Allowing you to adjust it indefinitely, it manages to suit any gearbox and driving style ensuring pure pleasure from your vehicle.

Pedal Booster: What is it?

The "drive-by-wire" system has surpassed the crude accelerator wire in commanding the engine control unit. Commands are performed by the engine control unit, which electronically regulated the level of power output desired.

The lack of speed, at this point of technological advancement, is due to the natural time of human movement – much greater than the speed of data transmission between accelerator and ECU. Pedal booster makes it possible to resolve this natural dynamism, making your car much more reactive and lively.

Pedal booster can be adjusted to suit your driving style and will not increment power output of your car but only improve fuel intake to match your personality.

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NamAuto - Pedal Booster - Vehicle Performance