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Rubberising – load bin protection

Need the best protection for your LCV, trailer, boat or almost any other asset? You have come to the right place. Spray-applied in a seamless finish, our lining forms an air - and watertight bond to virtually any surface. Also, as it is custom-sprayed it can be applied to any vehicle - in fact, almost anything.

Rhino Linings is approved by all major automotive manufacturers and provides all the protection you need.

What is Rhino Linings?

  • Rhino Linings is a spray-on polyurethane that is applied to your thickness requirements.
  • It offers your LCV bed (and other assets) the best protection against rust, abrasion, chemical attack and impact damage.
  • The spray-on bed liner system forms a permanent, air and watertight bond with virtually any surface including steel, fibreglass, concrete, wood and aluminium.
  • Providing a non skid, flexible surface Rhino Linings reduces cargo slippage subsequently reducing damage to your vehicle and cargo.
  • Think of Rhino Linings as an extra skin for your vehicle that provides an additional barrier against wear-and-tear, increasing the life of your load bed and the resale value of your vehicle.


Your LCV is an investment – don’t let it turn into a rust bucket. Give it the protection it deserves with a sprayed-on bed liner. It provides protection against rust, abrasion, impact damage and the corrosive effects of chemicals. 

Available in a variety of textures and in almost any colour, you are sure to get a lining that suite your taste and needs.

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Canopy Centre - NamAuto


Commonly used to transport cargo, Rhino Linings will offer the perfect solution to protect your assets. Its slip resistant surface not only limits damage to your trailer but also your cargo being hauled around. We also offer unique and innovative solutions for insulation and animal transporters.

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