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Extra Fuel Tanks

Increase the distance you are able to travel with your car by installing an extra fuel tank. Sometimes we need to go the extra mile but our car's tank can only hold so much fuel and thus can only go so far. Namibian roads are not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for the small-tanked. It is much easier to fill up an extra tank than filling up several smaller Jerry cans and risk the possibility of them breaking off or getting stolen along the way. To get one of these tanks, you can contact Direct Auto 4x4 Fitment Centre!

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks sizes & availability:

Toyota Hilux (Legend 45) = 88 Litre Aux Tank
Toyota Hilux (New Shape) = 80 Litre Aux Tank
Isuzu KB + = 60 litre Aux Tank
VW Amarok = 60 Litre Aux Tank
Ford Ranger = 83 Litre Aux Tank

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