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Roll tops, Roof-racks Rooftop tents and Awnings

In the hot Namibian sun, we often run for cover which provides shade. Why not install an awning on your car and skip the running? Direct Auto 4x4 Fitment Centre supplies Hannibal awnings and rooftop tents, with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Rooftop tents are also becoming more popular as it is easy to pack up and not in your way.

The Armadillo roll-top available, is made from strong lightweight materials and will keep water out of the load bin making it rust proof & weather proof, while protecting your luggage. The cover can carry an evenly distributed load of up to 500kg and is easy to operate and almost maintenance free. These roll-tops are made to fit most bakkie, and you can still fit a canopy on your vehicle without any compromise.

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