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Auas Motors Press Announcement - 18 May 2017

Auas Motors would like to inform all our customers and stakeholders of the following announcement that was made by General Motors South Africa:

  • General Motors intends to cease manufacturing, sale and distribution of new vehicles in South Africa by the end of 2017, subject to compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Isuzu will continue to distribute and sell product in South Africa and intends to expand its dealer network to distribute the Isuzu KB effective 1 January, 2018. Isuzu will be investing in South Africa to take over the manufacture and distribution of the Isuzu KB and medium and heavy commercial trucks.
  • Following the recent announcement of the sale of Opel to the PSA Group, GM is working with PSA to develop the future strategy for the Opel brand in South Africa.
  • Ongoing aftersales and parts support will continue for all Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu customers through the existing dealer network to the end of 2017, and after that through the Isuzu dealer network, subject to finalisation of our discussions with PSA.

The implication of the above announcement will have the following effect on the operations of Auas Motors:

  • We shall continue to sell, service and maintain all Isuzu KB vehicles and trucks. We have been the number one selling dealer of Isuzu KB in Southern Africa for many consecutive years. In Namibia, Isuzu managed to increase its KB unit sales with 32% during 2016 whilst all our competitors had a decline in LCV sales. We therefore welcome the announcement and are confident that the Isuzu product offering and after sales support will be maintained and improved.
  • We will remain the authorised Opel dealer and service agent in Namibia until such time as the PSA Group finalise its future strategy in Southern Africa. Opel is a well - known German brand and has received various global awards for its industry leading technology and quality. We are therefore confident about the continued future presence of Opel in Namibia and that all warranty and service obligations will be honoured.
  • We will remain the authorised Chevrolet dealer and service agent in Namibia and will continue to honour all warranty and service obligations on behalf of General Motors South Africa.

Auas Motors would like to assure all our customers and stakeholders of our continued support towards our customers and products. Auas Motors has been a major role player in the motor industry in Namibia for the past 64 years and we can assure our stakeholders of our continued presence for many years to come.