Defensive Driving: Part2

Garwin Beukes - Most of us drive with the expectation that everything will flow in perfect order. While most days go by perfect enough, every now and then life throws a curve ball just to make sure we are still paying attention.

Awareness only starts when you start to assess your environment. Identify and memorise areas known as high accident zones or populated with traffic and people. Know where to drive slower than you usually would.

NamAuto caught up with an ambulance when they had just finished bandaging a child's leg. On the corner of Robert Mugabe and Sam Nujoma drive, one of the street kids had been hit by a car. Areas like these which are renowned for the presence of street kids or fast moving traffic, should be approached with more alertness.

So keep in mind to check your mirrors and blind spot, as this is often the key to avoiding accidents.

Remember, take it easy on these Namibian roads. The next life you save might be mine.