Garwin Beukes - If there's one thing that's unavoidable, it's a flat tyre.

So I have to admit, it was black Friday and I was grabbing random items in the store.

Amongst all the "useless items" I now have in my possession, one thing has saved me so many times - a portable electric pump air compressor.

How it works, is you can either clamp it onto your car's battery or to the 12V lighter port and it kicks to life. You then connect the compressor pipe to the tyre valve and give it some time to start pumping, while keeping an eye on the tyre pressure with the in-built pressure gauge.

The compressor is small and handy plus it has a gauge which reflects your tyre pressure. This has saved me the effort of having to remove the entire wheel, driving off the wall of my tyre or even possibly damaging my rim!

The compressor is also ideal to have around for bicycle tyres, sports balls, air mattresses and other random items around the house.

If there's one thing you can call it, it's a life saver!