The Bulky Yet Agile Jaguar F-Pace

Garwin Beukes - Sister brands, Jaguar and Land Rover know how to play in the big boy league and after a thorough test it seems they're leading.

The relations between these two powerhouses become more evident when you step into the Jaguar F-Pace. Undeniably a Jaguar when it comes to the design, the F-Pace sports the trademark grill design as well as the distinguished and recognizable Jaguar nose.

The only thing is, the F-Pace is a SUV, with all the attitude the smaller Jaguar vehicles have. SUV's were made to do many things. They have on-road capabilities, off-road expertise and everything in between.

You wouldn't expect an SUV to be as agile, sporty and exhilarating to drive. The F-Pace disputes all these perceptions. Inspired by the F-Type, the F-Pace is a performance SUV that has the DNA of a sports car. From the bonnet bulge to the pronounced rear haunches, its powerful looks make it distinctive and give it a head-turning road presence. F-Pace reinvents the energy, strength and purity of the F-Type.

The F-Pace certainly set a high standard in terms of being a sporty SUV. Even the compactness of the cock-pit doesn't speak SUV language. Having said that, the rest of the vehicle is quite spacious and suitable for a family.

Leaving Windhoek towards the south, you might have realized the extremely curvy roads, the ups and downs of the various hills and the large amount of traffic – this is the F-Pace's territory. It lives and breathes for these driving conditions. The roar of the F-Pace lets all the traffic in front of it know the Jaguar is about overtake in swift fashion.

The F-Pace is certainly a predator, and the road its prey.