NamAuto Motovac

Winter Specials at Motovac

Specials lasting until 5 August 2017

Winter usually means cold nights, curling up under blankets, warm hot chocolate and if you're lucky, flickering fireplaces. Bliss. But what about your car? Standing there in the garage, maybe outside, in the cold and all alone. Freezing its bolts off. You usually see and experience it only the next morning when you are off to work, and your car gives a few unusual grunts before jumping to life. 'Maybe I should get a few things for my car to make sure it runs smoothly this winter.... Arg, but it can be so expensive.' you mutter to yourself while waiting for the heater to kick in.

Don't worry though, there is a company that has your back. Motovac! They have their special winter promotion lasting throughout the cold season from 20 June until 5 August 2017, making a Christmas in July utterly possible!

The specials include:

  • brake fluid
  • diesel lube
  • air and oil filters
  • water pumps
  • spark plugs
  • batteries
  • shocks
  • and much, much more

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NamAuto Motovac
NamAuto Motovac
NamAuto Motovac
NamAuto Motovac
NamAuto Motovac