Track & Trace Solutions From NamAuto in Namibia

YouTrack Fleet Management offers an affordable track & trace solution that is easy to use and an effective tracking tool. Our Track & Trace system works via the GPS/GSM system that is built into your company’s vehicles, vessels or heavy equipment.The location of your asset will be shown in real time and you will be able to view from any internet enabled device. YouTrack Fleet Management Track & Trace systems are very affordable to suit your budget and needs. We offer a Plug & Play solution or an Permanently installed solution.

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Key Features

1. Alert is sent when the system is disconnected from the battery

2. Multiple users and movement alerts can be set up

3. Track your vehicles wherever you are, whenever you want

4. Request the current location immediately on your computer or smartphone.

5. Complete control over your vehicles means major savings

6. Theft and tamper alerts

7. Zone alerts

8. Daily reports and notifications

Track & Trace is the Ideal solution for Car Sales, Rentals, small or large fleets - We cater for you.