2013 Audi A3 TFSI Sportsback

So many of us in the working class usually tend to think that Audi is a brand name we'll never drive, because of its price. Probably because we stare at prices of the higher end models when they're brand new.

This specific 2013 model which is priced at N$229 900 proves most of us wrong. I have always been 'pro second hand vehicles' and although you might choose a newer car which might be a few classes lower than the Audi, just because it's new, here's a few things that might change your mind.

Getting into the Audi you are greeted with a cabin that say's “you're in business class now”.

Everything seems up-class. The speedometer (very attractively ends at 280km/h) combined with it's purposefully detailed fuel-gage painted in white and red. Space (plenty of it), leather detailing and the S-tronic (auto) engager was enough to have me hooked.

Driving is smooth, gear changes are on point with it's auto box and the car delivers of its best on the Windhoek's twisting roads. Perhaps it has something to do with the cars being 90kg lighter than the previous range. 

We drove the 1.4 S-tronic first. It allowed some spirited driving and a definite delight on my face. 

The 1.4 TFSI has an aluminum block that weighs only 107kg and makes 90kW/200Nm. It hits 100km/h in 9.5sec and top speed is 203km/h. Average fuel consumption is listed as 5.3 litres/100km by Audi SA and it pushes out carbon dioxide at a rate of 123g/km.

For thee price you get Park Distance Control, curtain airbags, bluetooth preparation, Adaptive Forward Headlights, Rear Air Conditioning, Climate Control and so much more.

Who says out with the old?