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Sell Your Car with NamAuto in Namibia

As the leading automotive marketing platform in Namibia, we have the perfect platform for you to advertise and sell your pride possession. Whether you are looking to sell or trade in your vehicle, we will be able to assist you. With the wide dealer network associated with NamAuto we can make sure you get the best deal for your car.

The Short

Please submit the documents listed below so that we can assist with listing your vehicle on NamAuto. We will sent through your vehicle detail to our dealer network and they may contact you with a buy-in or trade-in offer. Once we have received all the documents we will list your vehicle on NamAuto FREE of charge.

The Long

To protect our dealer network and to avoid scammers, NamAuto will facilitate the sale of your vehicle. Our contact details will appear on the listing and we will let you know once we have a potential buyer lined up. This will eliminate any time wasters and will also protect you as the seller from scammers. Your vehicle will be advertised FREE of charge and NamAuto will add N$15 000 to your selling price to facilitate the sale.

Simply put, we could sell ice to Eskimos or sand to the Namibians! Selling cars is a breeze for us as NamAuto is geared towards making the buying and selling of any type of vehicle a hassle-free experience for individuals and car dealerships. We do all the legwork for you so you can sit back, relax and wait for the payment to ping on your phone.

As part of our service, NamAuto does all the advertising to find a buyer for your car. We can also tell you what the trade and retail value of your vehicle is plus assist with the Roadworthy, Police Clearance and Registration process. You can also apply for insurance and financing with several established service providers through our platform and dedicated Finance and Insurance consultant.

With the selling taken care of, you can spend the time saved researching the new or used wheels you’ve had your eye on at NamAuto.

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