4 Reasons to drive the new Honda Fit Hybrid

1. Big on the inside, small on the outside

The Honda Fit hybrid we are testing measures 4043mm in length. It's 1 694mm wide and stands 1 537mm high. Its wheelbase is a generous 2 530mm, and thanks to innovative interior design and packaging, it's surprisingly spacious inside. The car's boot also swallowed up three soft medium-sized luggage bags and additional laptop bags without a fuss. You might think you're paying a hefty amount for a small car, but it's very respectable in terms of its spatial offering.

2. Easy to steer, brake and manoeuvre

Electric power steering and easy to modulate brakes made the Fit a driving pleasure. The steering doesn't feel over-assisted, and it's accurate and direct.

3. Effective climate control and heated seats

Honda Fit keeps things quiet and refined with its climate control system. As an added bonus, this compact vehicle features heated seats for those cold winters.

4. Light on fuel

Honda claims a combined cycle fuel consumption figure of 3.7-litres/100km, though during testing with Wheels24, the car was pushed to its limits and still produced 5.6-litres/100km.

Do we get them in Namibia? Yes! Priced from N$484 000 for the hybrid model. Get them from Pupkewitz Honda.

Source: Honda South Africa

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