4x4 Accessories Part 2

Garwin Beukes - Last week we tackled some must have 4x4 accessories including a bull-bar and a backup battery, today we continue the list and look at a few items which will make your trips so much better.

The Roof Rack

I think all of us can admit, there's never enough space. Roof racks makes it easy for you to pack those oversized items. The sleeping and recovery gear, bikes, an extra tire - your roof rack is a definite must.

Additional lights

Doing a hiking trail or tour means you'll be spending days and nights driving. Having to drive from more than 500km from Windhoek already makes me weary and fatigue. Better sight on the road partially eliminates that. When travelling through bushy areas you also need the extra visibility to avoid animals and ditches.


The Shovel

Okay, fine, this isn't per se an accessory fitted to your car but it is still quite handy to have on board. I don't know how I would survive without the shovel. It might seem simple but this is your number one tool in so many situations. When you're stuck, this is your go-to-guy. Assembling coal for a braai, digging that fire pit or even just a self defence weapon. The shovel should be on the top of your list.

Air intake/ Snorkels

Generally for improving your 4x4's cold air supply, the snorkel also allows your car to cross through deep rivers. A must, considering that the rainy season is upon us.


Probably the most pricey of them all. Your 4x4's performance is heavily dependable on the condition of your suspension. There are various lifting as well as performance enhancing kits that will make it easier for you to take on tough conditions especially in Namibia's beautiful but harsh landscape.

Check in again next week when we continue with the list!