Accessories that might get you in trouble

Garwin Beukes - With extremist recklessly breaking the rules on the road, traffic officers have become more vigilant about what should and shouldn’t be on your car.

Car owners will tell many a tale of what they’ve been fined for, some however can be very hard to believe. So today I’ll give you a list of my personal experiences, hopefully you’ll avoid making these same mistakes.

Pulled over for warning, fined for or license disk removed for:

  • Car being too low.
  • Car fitted with after market head or rear lights
  • After market Xenon kit
  • Lamin-X tint on headlights
  • Smoked Rear lights
  • Xenon lights beneath car
  • LED Bar
  • Sticker to big on Windscreen
  • Number plate placed on side of bumper
  • Wrong size number plate
  • Sound emitting from exhaust too loud

If you have had similar or other experiences, do share!