Accessory Fitment Centre

Garwin Beukes - 4x4 paradise.

Situated opposite Hartlief, the Accessory Fitment Centre (AFC) is arguably one of the most exciting 4x4 wholesaler, retailer and fitment centre in the country.

Their list to pick from is endless: from nudge bars to performance chips to suspension upgrades, this is the true definition of a one stop shop.

One thing that has hit Namibian car enthusiasts by storm, is suspension upgrades. We either want to be as close to the ground as possible or high enough for the suspension to be visible. If you're a high roller, AFC is the perfect place for you.

Their enhanced Four-Wheel-Drive Suspension (EFS) kits range from the average farmer carrying some extra load to the off-roader who enjoy's safari's.

They stock three EFS ranges:

  • ​EFS Enforcer.
  • EFS Elite
  • EFS X-Treme

The Australian based product is not just a generic shock absorber but a fully integrated system combining springs, shocks and components that are matched through appropriate valving and rates to suit specific 4WD vehicles. The suspension comes with a 3 year/ 100 000km warranty.

Christoffel Moolman from AFC, says that apart from 4x4 vehicles they also offer services to 2x4 and sedan vehicles. Products like pedal boosters that make your response rate about 1000 revs per minute faster, are nifty toys on their shelves.

Below is a list of what more they offer:

  • Bull bars & Tow bars
  • Nudge bars & Stainless steel Canopies
  • Aluminum Canopies
  • Vehicle Canopies
  • EFS Suspension
  • TJM Suspensions
  • Safety Tinting
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Seat Covers & Other Prtection
  • Home & Vehicle Entertainment
  • Camping Equipment

So why don't you go visit them before Christmas? We are sure your car can do with some festive cheer, and you will be bound to show it off to family and friends!

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