Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Here's to a sports badge born 106 years ago that still stands for something totally original today: a passion for motoring unlike any other. Visceral. Energetic. Technological. Crafted.

Alfa Romeo has brought out their most powerful vehicle that was created for road use. And named it something we can’t really pronounce, but we try anyway because it sounds really fancy.

The manufacturer aimed for a vehicle that would build a natural human-machine relationship that would adhere to the human touch and senses. We haven’t driven this vehicle ourselves, but the sound of the V6 engine pretty much makes our hearts race.

We won’t go into specs – the link for the extensive brochure is at the bottom of this article. One aspect that drew our attention, other than the engine, is their all-inclusive computer system. It is called the Alfa™ Chassis Domain Control (CDC), a module that integrates the actions of ESC, Alfa™ DNA Pro, Alfa™ Active Torque Vectoring, Alfa™ Active Aero Splitter, Integrated Brake System (IBS) and Alfa™ Active Suspension, assigning specific tasks to each one of these devices in order to achieve the best dynamic performance.

What are your thoughts on this car?

Click here to download the brochure!