Bakkie sales so far

Barry de Klerk - It is no secret that Namibia is currently facing some tough economic times and the motoring industry has taken a big hit, but some car dealerships are slowly recovering.

Since the start of the year sales of certain vehicles have picked-up and hopefully this will persist until the end of the year and beyond. The year started out slow for certain bakkie models in Namibia but it grew as the year progressed. In January a total of 298 vehicles were sold and it grew to 518 sales in June.

According to the recent sales statistics, a total of 2455 bakkies, minibuses, panel vans and utility vehicles were sold during the period of January to June. The bestselling vehicle in the bakkie group was the Toyota Double Cab Pick-Up range, which sold 747 in total. The second best was the Toyota Single Cab Pick-Up range with a total of 449 units sold.

Toyota Hilux | NamAuto
The Toyota Double Cab Pickup range is the favourite among consumers.

In the different body shape categories, Ford was second in the Double Cab Pick-Up group with a total of 151 sold before July. Toyota sold 21 vehicles in the Chassis Cab group, with no other vehicles being sold in this group.

The best selling Extended Cab Pick-Up was also a Toyota model, with a total of 164 leaving the dealership. Ford sold the second most vehicles in this category with of 35 units.The best selling Panel Van was by Volkswagen and it sold 15. The second bestselling vehicle in the group was by Mercedes Benz with 10, while Ford only sold one.

Toyota sold 449 Single Cab Pick-Ups from January to June. Nissan sold the second most in this category with 133. The bestselling vehicle in the Minibus group was by Toyota with 41 sold and Volkswagen was second with 6.

In the Utility category, Suzuki sold 22 vehicles. It was also the only make sold in this group. In other statistics, a total of 348 vehicles were sold in February; 483 in March; 391 in April and 417 in May. Statistics for the rest of the year and this month will be published on a later date.

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