BMW E90 335i 

Garwin Beukes - The perfect balance of speed, comfort, security and beauty.

The BMW 335i M sport is not only a belligerently luxury automobile, but has enough power in the bay to disappoint some of Windhoek’s finest.

The 335i’s slight changes in detail make it very interesting to look at, especially in black. The inside however, is the highlight of this vehicle. The beige interior has such an inviting feeling and unlike some, it actually feels as good as it looks. 

The sport sedan’s steering is not as assisted as your average luxury models, but has a slight touch of sporty stiffness to it. The 3 series of BMW cars is meant to be in the range of sport cars, and amongst all the other cars of the 3 series, the 335i with its lavish looks and luxury focused interior, is a perfect combination style and status symbol for the owner.

In addition, the BMW 335i is simply one of the best performing vehicles in its class. As one of the first of its generation to adopt a turbo engine, the 335i has managed to out-muscle some of its competitors. Beneath all the luxury, is a resting 3.0-liter twin power turbo motor that is ready to unleash its wrath when you go full throttle. The 335i boasts a massive 300 horses. A lot considering it’s the little sister of a very angry M3.

BMW has had to re-design the 335 model several times and although the E46 stays my all-time favourite shape, I must give in that this is an amazing ride.