Building a project car - Part 3

Garwin Beukes - In part three we've summed up all our problematic areas and made a list of the needs compared to the wants in terms of vehicle parts.

  • Now that you're ready to buy. The most important tip is getting your car on the road. Make sure before you start, your car is road worthy and free of any penalties.
  • Depending on the purpose of the car, having the car drive again should be very high up on the list. No use having a beautiful paint job on a car that remains in the garage.
  • Now that you've completed the shopping spree. Start from the chassis. Building a great car requires a good foundation. Get the chassis straightened from any serious accident damage.
  • Compare original parts to aftermarket/ re enforced parts. If you find an aftermarket part that is stronger or body part that is more applicable than the original, opt for the better choice.
  • Sell as much possible parts that you have stripped and won't use.

Next week we run through the installation and selection of specified parts inclusive of suspension.

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