Building a project car - Part 2

Garwin Beukes - So last week we started the topic, of starting with a project car; we focused on getting out of the starting blocks, which is essentially one of the most important steps.

So moving on and past the point of selecting the vehicle of your liking, here's what you need to consider before starting off:

  • Decide on what your goal is: you should have a clear objective you want to reach. Do you simply want to restore it or do you want to build a race car?
  • Clean it up: without having to spend too much money, wash the vehicle inside and out. Sometimes dirt hides flaws on the vehicle like a fading paint job.
  • Strip the vehicle: clearing the vehicle of some of the basic elements will get you a step closer to finding the real issues.
  • Problem finding: assess all the problematic areas. Start with the obvious and work your way up to the mechanical areas. Having a trustworthy mechanic or workshop going through your car can create a clearer picture of what should be on your to do list.
  • Create an actual to do list and stick to it: a guideline will speed up your process. Tackling “must have's” apposed to “would be nice to have's” is essential. It doesn't really make sense to have a lovely set of rims while the engine doesn't yet run.

And most importantly - someone else's build shouldn't effect yours.

Catch us next week with more progress on your build.