Buying a car with more than 200k km’s on the odometer

Garwin Beukes - This topic has a determining factor of various factors that need to be considered: how the car got this mileage, how often it was serviced, whether it was serviced, where it was serviced, with which parts it was serviced and so much more.

NamAuto reached out to two different vehicle owners who each had more than 200k km’s on their odometer and asked them about the repairing they do regularly.

Here’s a few things that, depending on the factors stated above and how it was driven will have to looked at, replaced soon or have already been replaced.

  • Clutch kit Brake
  • Shoes, pads
  • Work on Engine (Pistons, Oil rings)
  • Gearbox (not necessarily)
  • Shocks
  • Tyres
  • Body parts
  • Seats
  • Dashboard
  • Electrical appliances
  • Mountings
  • Paint job

There are however exceptions to the rule. If a car had travelled long distances for most of it’s lifespan and serviced on time with original parts you might avoid a lot of the items mentioned.

Do you have a vehicle with much ore kilometres on the clock? Tell us what you are always on the lookout for!