Garwin Beukes - So last week we spoke about fitting a set of rims on your car but focused on the different car's and their pitch circle diameters (PCD).

Now that you know which section of rims to select from, let's take a look at the different sizes.

You surely don't want to fit a set which is to small the same applies for overly sized rims.

The best way to go about things is to analyze your car. Keep in mind, what looks good on another car might not be the same for yours.


For now we'll stick to sedan's and hatchbacks.

The general upgrade for rims is comprised of two rims sizes: 15” and 17”. Most of the time these sizes work well.

On bigger vehicles like a Golf VI or Toyota Corolla (quest) 15” don't look as good as the bigger sizes. We've seen Some Golf's fitted with up to 20” rims.

Whats trending nowadays however is a good combination of “Wides and narrows” to give you car a more macho look. Depending on your vehicle a good wide rear end or all-round width on your wheel ads some emphasis. Rims with an 8J flange sit particularly well on cars like Ford's Figo, while hte Polo Vivo and Tsi handle a 9J.

A great place to start looking for a set of rims is your local supplier, Tyre Rack who stock a wide range of brands and sizes.

Next week we'll take a look at rim and tyre pairing.