Car break-in

Garwin Beukes - ​The sad part about the joyous festive season is that it comes with a hyped series of crime. Car break-in's in particular.

Predators target populated areas and break into cars which are easy targets.

Here's a few tips to prevent becoming a victim:

Make sure your doors are locked after you activate your cars alarm

Burglars use devices which jam your cars locks when you activate the alarm. Which means they can get in your car without anyone noticing.

Hide your belongings

Leaving a handbag or valuables on the car seat is just reckless. Thieves are quick to break your window and grab your belongings. The best option is to either keep your valuables with you or to lock it in your car's trunk.

Be extra cautious

Don't leave any windows, doors or even your sunroof open or half open.

Park in a visible area

Parking in an area which is always in sight or close to the entrance of a building where people are constantly moving past, is the best route. Thieves like to work in areas where they cant be seen.

Leave no trace

After hiding your valuables remember to hide the accessories as well. Hiding your phone and leaving the charger visible opens up reason to believe there are valuables in the car. If it so happens that the thief does not find anything you are still left with a broken window or worse.

Let's combat break-ins in 2018!Text here ...