​Comfort off the road

​A weekend away in the bush or at the sea is a well-deserved break for those who work hard. Having the right vehicle to get you off the grid for a while might improve your vacation.

All-wheel-drive vehicle really do come in handy when you want to break from civilisation and just move to greener pastures for a while. To make your experience in an off-road vehicle a lot more fun you will need a few items to make sure you are comfortable, but that you remain an adventure seeker at the same time. Here are a few things you might need for that comfort:

A 12V car fridge or freezer

Keeping your drinks cold and your food frozen and fresh all day long is always a must. The fridge or freezer will definitely come handy when you are stuck enjoying nature in a remote area. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink or beer and a braai after a long drive.

According to Stefan Rheeder from 4X4 and more, he keeps a fridge in his vehicle when going on a long trip, because of its various advantages.

“On any trip being able to take your own food and keeping them cold and fresh is essential. Most remote locations do not have shops close by,” Stefan says.

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A bull bar

This may seem obvious to some drivers, but not all four-wheel drive enthusiasts have a good quality bulbar attached. This is the unsung hero of any off-road vehicles. It not only protects the frontal region of the vehicle, but it can be used to install various other accessories like extra lights, fishing rod holders, and so much more.

Roof racks

Roof tents have become a norm and it would not have been possible without a roof rack. You can still camp on the ground and just go for the normal roof rack to carry extra loads. Bulkier items can be placed on the roof to make space for more reachable necessities in the vehicle.

Air compressor

Tyre pressure has to be changed from time to time, especially when travelling off-road. Having an air compressor in your car will help when you with inflating or deflating your tires when necessary. You cannot always go to a service station to adjust the air in your wheels, so having a compressor will give you peace of mind.

There are many other items that you might need on your trip, this includes: tools, an extra set of tires and a spare wheel, a fan belt, duct tape, a first aid kit, a jack, a tire repair kit, jumping cables, tow strap and a fire extinguisher.

According to Stefan, some accessories might put extra strain on the battery and a standard suspension, but if everything is installed correctly then there should not be a problem.

“A good installer would always be aware of this and advise you to upgrade the other components to cater for your upgrades,” he says.