Comfort on the Go

Barry de Klerk - Reliable, comfortable, a little power and beauty - that is what most people want when they are looking for new wheels.

Go get a Datsun Go! The cool, small and fun car is something to truly admire. It is everything you need in a small city vehicle and so much more! On the outside it might seem like just an ordinary car, but your bank statement thanks you for it.

The Datsun Go is a great vehicle and it is beyond affordable too. It recently got a sportier re-design making it an even better investment and a brilliant car to brag about - just don’t try to take on a sports car at the local drag racing events.

The four-door hatchback might look small from the outside, but it is the inside that matters. The one thing that goes hand in hand with comfort is space, and the Go has it. The car has a joined front seat and raised gearbox; this allows the passenger and driver to slide in and out on either side.

The back of the vehicle also provides enough backroom should you decide to go on a road trip with some of your friends. One important thing about the Go is that has a colossal (for a tiny hatch) 265-litre luggage space. Another bonus is that the front seat offers spinal support, which makes daily rides relaxing.

As with all modern vehicles, the entertainment system allows you easy access what you want. Music always makes a ride more fun and the Go has got your back - a mobile docking station to stream your music straight to the car and it allows you to make hands-free phone calls.

On the outside – beautiful 3D style headlamps with follow-me-home technology have also been installed. All of this is complemented with a smart wiper system that adjusts the speed according to the vehicle’s speed.

The Datsun Go was made to maximise fuel economy and it has a digital smart meter. The 1.2 litre engines give you 5.2 litres per 100km. The manufacturers used race car engine technology and adapted to provide maximum torque and power. It also has an electronic accelerator pedal, resulting in better feedback when you step on it.

It also comes with a speed-sensitive electric power steering. This means that the level of assistance given is adjust by how fast the driver is travelling. The car has a driver’s side airbag to ensure safety during crashes.

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