Cross over to the other side

Barry de Klerk - There is nothing as fine as weekends outdoors, watching the sunsets and the stars twinkling at night, but you will need a reliable car to get you there.

GWM has the answer – the M4 Crossover vehicle! The car is ideal for the city streets and the farm’s gravel roads. Our only critical review - just do not travel too far, as the fuel tank capacity is limited. The M4 is GWM’s way to make it into the compact off-road vehicle market and it is impressive, reliable and it comes at a reasonable price.

It easily edges out its closest competitors, but will this be enough? On the outside you get this sporty off-road feel, but it still looks like a city car. It is by no means a SUV but might give them a run for their money.

If attitude in cars were a real thing, then this one has it. The M4 is a car for everyone, it does not discriminate. The vehicle interior is just as spectacular as the exterior - a sort of modern-day class and it’s finished off with various gadgets.

The M4 has an integrated digital speedometer and various overlapping dials in the vehicle’s front console. It has a digital infotainment screen, allowing you easy access. All models come standard with air-conditioning, electrical windows and mirrors.

The inside of the vehicle might seem a little small, but there is still enough space to be comfortable. Its boot is large and has a total space of 310 litres. The backseats can easily be folded down to increase the luggage space.

GWM fitted the vehicle with a powerful 1.5-litre VVT-i engine that is front wheel drive. It delivers 71.3kW at 6000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque through its five-speed manual gearbox. According to the manufacturer, the car consumes 7.2 litre per 100 km. They’ve also made sure to keep the car’s fuel CO2 emissions at a low.

The car has a wide range of safety features. Including: dual front airbags, discs brakes with ABS and EBD. It also has a feature to mount a child car seat in the back. The front seatbelts are also height adjustable.

Note - GWM M4 is now available as the HAVAL H1

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