Get your custom number plate

Garwin Beukes - There’s no better finger print on your vehicle than a custom number plate. For most who have always wondered how to go about getting one, here’s a little guide.

Well, first off you’ll have to hop into a Natis branch and request for a form dedicated to custom number plates. While filling this in, you’ll have to supply three possible suggestions of what you would like on your plate.

Keep in mind there are thousands of people driving with custom number plates, meaning the number of options are not as much as they were back in the inception of the plate.

After more or less three day’s you’ll receive feedback about the availability of your suggestions. If it so happens that a suggestion is approved, it takes a day for them to make and register the number plates. Now you’re done!

The use of a combination of letters and numbers is permitted. Offensive words are fortunately not allowed.