Why you should go through a driving school

Garwin Beukes - Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in the driver's seat for the first time. Most of us can relate to the urge of wanting to drive when we started. This resulted to most of us getting half baked driving lessons from an uncle with a Chevrolet Spark or Hyundai Atos.

These practices cause quite a lot of bad habits which turn to bad driving as the time progresses.

  • Slowing down your vehicle and acting like a four-way-stop is a yield sign.
  • One hand driving.
  • Turning with one hand.
  • Skipping more than one lane at a time.
  • Free-wheeling through down hills and straights.
  • Texting and driving.
  • Driving with one hand protruding out of the window.

The list is endless.

We might feel that driving can only be bettered by practice but a huge part of the art is knowing the theoretical aspect. A driving school will straighten out the do's and don'ts and prepare you for driving safely without distractions.