Emergency Drivers

Garwin Beukes - The everyday hassle of keeping your eyes on the safe side of the road while saving a life, now that’s what I call a modern-day super hero.

Meet Tangi Haufiku, a 23-years-old driver for the AEMS Ambulance services. Huafiku said he finds it exceptionally difficult in Windhoek as not all road users cooperate when there is an oncoming emergency vehicle on the road - but he can manage. He grew up in Windhoek, and has been working for AEMS for two years.

Like most emergency vehicles, he drives a 2.7 liter Toyota Quantum. Over time the Quantum has proven to be the perfect vehicle for the job. Space, speed and surprisingly accurate handling combines with it's affordability to make it the ultimate emergency vehicle. Daily checks are done on the vehicle to ensure that the mechanical parts are intact, as well as the built in medical equipment's dependability.

Huafiku says he loves his job, and regardless of where life takes him, he would like to remain in the life-saving industry.