Festive lurking

Garwin Beukes - More Traffic officers - more vigilant and the reinforcement of a better breathalyzer system. Will this be enough to stop accidents in December?

Following tradition, from the start of November this year we have noticed a relative increase of speed traps and roadblocks by the City police in Windhoek and this has just been the start to an operation that is traditionally launched around this time on an annual basis.

Every year thousands of us make our way to the coast for the annual holidays. The results are always the same; some families will inevitably have to deal with the heartache of losing loved ones to traffic accidents. Being one of those families will truly change your perception of the attempts the Namibian and City police is making to prevent these things from happening.

However, sometimes it gets exceptionally hard to like our local traffic officers or the system currently in place. Best is to bite your tongue, and keep your family safe and happy this festive season.

Today's tip: Drive to accommodate other road users and be lenient of taxi's trying to disturb your soul; usually you are the one drawing the shortest straw.