Ford Everest

Jonathan SolomonsI have to admit, there’s something about SUV’s that grinds my gears. Maybe the fact that they’re rugged, feisty yet classy and modern at the same time. Well, at least the new-age SUVs are. And the all new Ford Everest is no exception.

Looking back at the starting point of the Everest back in 2003, I must say, it has come a long way. The first few generations were very bulky but pretty in its own way.

The size of the all-new Everest might be just as big, but it carries its weight well. The shape compliments the vehicle and has an interesting aura surrounding it.

When it comes to comfort, the Everest has it all. Besides soft and supportive seating, the spaciousness the Everest offers is quite pleasing. Perfect for a family trip down to Swakopmund or exploring the vast plains of the country.

You know that annoying feeling when you're driving at night and oncoming traffic blinds you with their brightened headlights? Well, you don't have to be that annoyance to anyone on the road.

With auto high beam control and LED lighting, the Everest uses a camera mounted on the rear view mirror to detect oncoming traffic and turns your high beams on and off, as needed.

Signature LED lighting sleekly wraps around the headlamps, giving the Everest a continuous glow and added visibility.

And for those who like a quiet ride, Everest's innovative technology in the active noise cancellation which uses three highly sensitive microphones to detect and measure engine noises, and cancels out the noise with opposing sound waves. Cool, right? I know.

Nowadays, the dangers on the road are increasing and the risks of being in an accident are heightened. Well, Ford tries to minimise that risk in the Everest with technology which works hand-in-hand with the driver.

Making hands-free calls, parking perfectly and staying the captain in changing traffic conditions becomes a team effort between you and the Everest.

Active park assist will help find the right parking spot with the correct size for the Everest and it steers itself in. All you have to do is control the gears, accelerator and the brake.

The Everest also offers a blind spot information system (BLIS) and lane keeping system which helps the driver see with extra pairs of eyes, without having to take his or her eyes off the road for too long. Or helps him or her steer when a bit drowsy or drifting in another lane unknowingly.

The Everest offers a turbo-charged 3,2 litre TDCi engine which effortlessly allows you to cruise around Windhoek, while still giving you all the power you need to tackle your off-road adventures. It offers 147kW, 470Nm torque, an a pleasing 8,2 litre fuel economy.

The 2,2 litre TDCi diesel engine delivers 118kW and 385Nm of torque, with fuel economy of 6,9 litre.

The Ford Everest is certainly an exciting vehicle and an SUV that I would like to take to the Namib Desert to explore the dunes.

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