Ford's Top Salesman

​If you’ve been in the vehicle buying industry, the name Jürgen Dilg should ring a bell. He recently won the Bank Windhoek best new vehicle salesman award this year and deservingly so, as he’s been working at Novel Ford for 14 years..

The Novel Motor Company dealership scooped five awards at the Bank Windhoek Selekt Sales awards ceremony. Dilg was crowned as the salesperson of the year in the new vehicle category. In both the new vehicle dealers and salesperson categories, the Novel Motor Company was dominant as they scooped both top awards.

Working for this dealer was an opportunity Dilg did not see coming. Before putting on his Ford uniform, the salesman was in the courier business, buying and selling vehicles from South Africa to the local market.

Dilg mentioned that Ronald Slamet Senior gave him his opportunity to work for Novel Ford. “I wasn't really looking for this job, but Uncle Ronald Slamet gave me this job,” he said. “His daughter Ronelle actually got me to come to the interview. It's because of them that I am here today and I'm very grateful for it,” Dilg said, adding that he didn't know about the interview, as he was on his way back from Cape Town.

Dilg has won multiple awards from Nedbank, Standard Bank, WesBank and Bank Windhoek, and he credits it all to the loyalty of his customers. “I have to say thank you to my clients. It's their loyalty. If they weren't loyal, I wouldn't be able to win these awards every year,” he said. “You can do what you want, but if you don't have people behind you, supporting you, then you will go nowhere”, he said.

On who inspired him earlier in his career, Dilg said: “My mentor was Ekkerd van Wyk, the managing director of Pupkewitz Toyota. When I worked with him, he was the ultimate and I would like to work with him again one day. He is an outstanding person and he looks after his people”.

Dilg added that Novel Motor Company is a powerful brand to represent. “We've got a good brand – a strong brand. Not that the other dealerships don't, but we are a unique brand. We have good quality,” he said.

The salesman added that sales have dropped between 40% and 50% over the last nine months due to the current economic climate the country is experiencing. “But every dark cloud has a silver lining, so we have to push through and be happy for what we still have.”

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