Garwin Beukes - Queues at filling stations were endless in Namibiaʼs capital on Tuesday night when motorists filled up their cars before the petrol and diesel rates went up at midnight.

A statement received by the Ministry of Mines and Energy read that fuel prices had gone up by N$0.48 for 95 Unleaded, N$0.48 for diesel 500ppm and N$0.44 for diesel 50ppm.

This being the rate through out the country except for Walvs Bay where prices increased by N$0.30 for both petrol and diesel.

Motorist Andries Bock who was also waiting in a queue at a filling station said the increase in fuel prices is very disheartening as it effects the prices of other products.

Many shared his concern but admit that there was but little anyone could do about it.

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