Garwin Beukes - ​Last time we spoke about the Tyre-pressure monitoring system.

Today we tackle another 'must get' gadget which could save you a lot of trouble.

The dashboard camera.

The streets of Namibia is notoriously known to be one of the most dangerous places to be on in the world. By percentage Namibia experiences more car crashes than most on this globe. Proving what happened can become tricky at times.

The camera is mounted to your dashboard and records sound and video as you drive. While this device would be excellent for police officers and driving school instructors, it should be useful to the average road user as well.

Parking bay accidents are one of the most irritating of all. Coming out to see your car scratched or damaged. The dash cam will clearly indicate who damaged your vehicle. In case of hit and run accidents you will be able to record the particulars of the other party involved.

This device however isn't only used as a preventative measure but can be used to record road trips as well, making for fun road trip videos among friends.

Dashboard cameras are available at local hardware shops and gadget dealerships across the country.