Garwin Beukes - Every year, automotive technical experts create new devices and as a result cars become more “smart”. Some of us who own the more basic form of cars, don’t necessarily have to feel left out.

A new device that has hit the Namibian market is the Tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The system is designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tyres. TPMS gives you the accurate tyre pressure information of all four tyres simultaneously. The system usually consists of four valve caps and a gauge. The caps are designed to signal when ever you run flat, about to run flat or even have a puncture.

The system which will even monitor your tyre temperature is super affordable and available locally from gadgets shops like R+R Importers, Gadgets, Direct Auto Fitment Center and AFC. You can keep an eye on all four tyres easily, for under a thousand Namibian dollar.