GWM Steed 5 2.2 MPi double cab

Garwin Beukes - The cheapest double cab in Namibia.

A double cab bakkie is probably the single most desired car by any man. The seat space of a sedan, packing space in the back and the offered capabilities. Everything you could possibly want in one car.

Recently, my dad bought GWM’s Steed 5 2.2 MPi (his first double cab) and after learning that he washes it everyday, I realised my theory about double cabs is true - it becomes a man's pride.

Although the Steed 5 was built as a workhorse the double cab model has a lot more “grandeur" to it. The bakkie is a little rigid in the Urban areas but a remarkably soft drive on gravel. We tried out a few rough terrains and roads South of Windhoek; the Steed 5 made it look easy and despite the lack of a diff lock, it’s a comfortable ride through all obstacles.

It comprises of a 2.2 litre four cylinder engine that kicks out 78kW and a massive 190 Nm of torque. The steed has a 5-speed manual gearbox and GWM claims to get 10.2L per 100km.

This car is the true definition of getting bang for a buck.