Buying a hatchback - Part 2

Garwin Beukes - Last week we started the topic “Reasons to buy a hatchback”, today we continue our list.

In our previous edition we discussed the myth of hatchbacks being smaller inside. This might seem unbelievable but compared to sedans, hatchbacks generally have more head-space for the rear passengers. Hatchbacks have a higher roof line in the rear which means more space!

Other advantages for this week include:

  • Good for learners.
  • Most of the time, hatchbacks are very compact cars. So a short nose (bonnet) decreases the risk of frontal crash. Also a lot better for training parking.
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Not always the case but hatchbacks are usually superior when it comes to fuel economy. The cars overall weight also play's a role in this instance.
  • Great chance for resale
  • Most people opt for buying hatchbacks, thus the better your chance of reselling your vehicle.
  • Better power to weight ratio
  • Because the hatchback is a lot lighter than a sedan it has more power to distribute at a lighter weight which means it should be faster.

So what is your experience with hatchback vehicles? Let us know!