Buying a Hatchback

Garwin Beukes - Six hatchbacks. That's the number I've owned in my mere 25 years of existence. Why though? Well prepare yourself for a few weeks of pro's and cons.

  • They aren't a lot smaller than a normal sedan. No, really - with the evolution of vehicles, hatchbacks offer plenty of seating and some serious space in the boot as well. One good example is Volkswagen's Golf 7.5 which is a lot bigger than you would think.
  • They're better to park with. An essential factor especially at month end in Windhoek's CBD.
  • More affordable - 10/10 times the hatchback version is cheaper than the sedan (the same car).
  • Easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Changing lanes in traffic lines is dreadful in a sedan - although, our taxi drivers don't mind. Even with their minibuses!
  • Combines power, handling and comfort all in a small package!

Catch us next week for more on why to own a hatchback.