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Barry de Klerk - Need to lift some heavy cargo? Need something durable that can carry your load? Look no further than the Hino 414 SWB truck!

The Hino truck is ideal for everyone who is looking to expand their business or even for those who are just starting up. A truck is indeed a work vehicle but throw in a little comfort and it becomes a home away from home. Well, Hino listened to their clients and the 414 SWB is the answer for those who take their work on the road!

It is a combination of work, durability and comfort, immediately catching the eye and is ideal for any kind of business. The truck is like a Transformer and can be fitted with various body types such as a drop side, flat deck, van body, tanker and tipper. It can even be used as a game viewing vehicle on a reserve! Hino made sure to give their customers something that is versatile.

According to the manufacturer the truck can be used for anything from express deliveries; catering hire; bakery, hardware, steel delivery; refrigerated cargo; general freight transportation; agriculture and farming; furniture moving; building and installation materials; cash in transit; game viewing; landscaping and sculpture; tipper applications; newspaper and magazine deliveries and so much more.

The 614 SWB runs on a 4-litre turbo intercooled engine with a 4-stroke compression ignition. The engine delivers 100 kW at 2 500 rpm and a torque of 392Nm. The transmission has five gears forward and comes in manual or automatic.

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To make sure the vehicle is as safe as can be, Hino installed front disc brakes and rear drum brakes with ABS. The other safety features include a steel reinforced steel cab with airbags for both the passenger and driver.

A seatbelt indicator light and warning buzzer has also been installed, to make sure the driver and passenger is safe.The manufacturer installed thinner front pillars to broaden the drivers view and it has been equipped with an anti-theft system.

The interior of the vehicle includes a standard radio with a CD player to provide entertainment while on the go. It has a collapsible gear lever to allow freedom of movement in the truck’s cab. A multi-function display has also been installed in the dashboard to track fuel consumption.

It also displays various settings and two independent trip distances. The driver and passenger can also travel in a cool breeze during the summer months with the truck’s air-conditioner.

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