Just because it goes "Bleep Bleep" doesn't mean it’s locked

Namibians are tough, we all know that! So tough that Tools had to find a new way of getting their paws on our personal possessions, because quite frankly, whether you sneak up on Aunt Johanna at sunrise or sunset to try and “boef” her stuff, the results will always be the same, a handbag to the face, kick to the privates and a detailed story about your mother that even you didn’t know about.

Due to fearing for their lives, they have upgraded to stealth tactics, or bluntly put, they hide behind stuff in public areas and use a car jammer that prevents your car from locking. You assume because your car went “bleep bleep” and temporarily turned into a disco with all the flashing lights, that indeed your car is locked, but alas, it is not. The Tool then casually makes his way to your vehicle and liberates whatever you left “safely” inside your car.

NamAuto Hollard Insurance

So as you can imagine, this poses a serious dilemma when approaching your insurer to claim for your stolen goodies, as it is standard practice for insurance companies to only cover items stolen from a vehicle if there is visible signs of forced entry, such as a broken window or a lock that has been waggled open. So for your own sanity we would like you to know that you can actually combat these Tools with some common sense and awareness.

These jammers have a range limit!

Meaning that a Tool would have to be within a certain distance to be able to jam your signal. Although in South Africa they up upgraded to Tool level 2, with new fancy remotes that can cause havoc at greater distances. These remotes normally use the 433MHz frequency that the majority of vehicle remotes use, and even scarier, so too your gate as well as garage.

How can you prevent this from happening? 

NamAuto Hollard Insurance

There are a couple of products on the market now that can even warn you that your signal is being jammed, but for some old fashioned savvy we recommend the following:

  • ​Be vigilant, if see suspicious looking blokes in your surroundings double check that your car doors lock.
  • Double tap, after pressing the button, double check that your door is locked, by physically trying to open it using the door handle.
  • Be thoughtful, by never leaving any valuables in the car to begin with. Not even your boot is safe from these marauders.
  • When going out to do some shopping, try and avoid dodgy areas when parking your car. Although these jamming cases happen in public areas in the middle of the day, it is still a psychological deterrent. 
  • Snakes, yes snakes, Tools hate snakes, so import roughly N$20,000 worth of Burmese Pythons that you will let loose in your cabby whenever you park it anywhere.
  • Leave your mother-in-law in the car, this is a fail safe way of knowing that no Tool will ever attempt to rob you.

We sincerely hope that you never fall victim to this type of crime, but hope that you will hence forth be ever vigilant when parking and locking your car to avoid it. Crime
influences each and every one of us on one way or the other, but rest assured that in the case of remote jamming, you can avoid falling victim to this by simply double tapping.