Tour de Windhoek - back and bigger than ever.

25 August 2017 – Saw the start of the 2017 Tour de Windhoek in Namibia. There was speculations in regards to the Tour making a return after an 8 year absence and the level on enthusiasm from the riders, but judging by the amount of entries from local, as well as South African teams, the Tour de Windhoek has officially made a grand comeback.

Consisting of three days, 5 stages, in and around Windhoek with teams of 5 riders covering a distance of 400km in total, the first of which kicked off in Dordabis with 110km of road lying ahead for the riders to traverse. From the get go it was a battle between TEAM BCX, Team Pro Touch and Team KIA Elite in the men’s categories, with the fastest time set being 2:39:53 by South African TEAM BCX rider David Maree who subsequently also received the Hollard Yellow Jersey for that day.

Michelle Vorster from Zimmermann VW Cats came in first with a time of 2:07:30 full 3 minute lead ahead of Team R&R Importers Michelle Doman, with Irene Steyn from MBM Ladies not far behind. It was an exhilarating start to the Tour that would prove to exceed the expectations of everyone involved in organising the event, as well as the riders participating.

There were too many highlights to mention during the course of the race, but most riders will remember stage 4 for the massive support from public who came out to line the roads. People were cheering loudly for each rider that came past, no matter which team or gender. This was a great display of Namibian spirit and was appreciated by everyone. Stage 4 was a kermesse/criterium (a 1.7km loop) which in essence is a very spectator friendly race as riders come past every three minutes or so.

Stage 5 saw the riders racing in Otjimuise, and this was to be yet another beautiful reminder of how the sport of cycling can involve anyone. Hundreds of Otjimuise residents lined the streets cheering the riders on, some filming the race whilst others were taking photos of the riders, all of them showing the same level of excitement as team by team the riders came past.

Sunday afternoon saw the official prize giving ceremony take place, with all the results now in, the winning riders and teams were as follows:

Individual Men’s Winners.

  • Steven van Heerden (TEAM BCX) – 7:44:28
  • Calvin Beneke (TEAM BCX) – 7:45:17
  • Jayde Julies (Team Pro Touch) – 7:45:55
  • Individual Woman’s Winners.

  • Michelle Vorster (Zimmermann VW Cats) – 6:46:48
  • Michelle Doman (R&R Importers) – 6:57:28
  • Irene Steyn (MBM Ladies) – 6:58:08

    Open Teams Winners.

  • TEAM BCX – 7:35:45
  • Team Pro Touch - 7:47:34
  • Team KIA Elite – 7:50:13
  • Female Teams.

  • Zimmermann VW Cats – 7:04:33
  • MBM Ladies – 7:09:43
  • R&R Importers – 7:09:50
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    To view all results please visit Raceday Events.

    The 2017 Tour de Windhoek was, and will be remembered as an enormous success by riders who participated. Organizers would like to thank Hollard, Pupkewitz, Radiowave, Kickstart Event Hire as well as Namibia Breweries for being part of and sponsoring the race, because without their contributions the race would not have been the success it now is.

    Congratulations to every team and rider that participated in this year’s race, and making it what it was, a giant success. We will continue to promote and grow the sport of cycling in Namibia, not only for the professional rider, but for the everyday rider as well.