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Skyride 2017 a true trailblazer event...​

The 2017 Skyride MTB event took place at Heja lodge on Saturday the 12th of August, amidst a clamour of excitement. It was the first time the Skyride was included as part of the popular Gravel & Dirt Series, as the seventh leg of the eight-leg event. It was also the first time the event featured 5km and 10km trail-running races, providing an opportunity for those who prefer to tackle the gravel and dirt on foot. 

An uncommonly hot day for the time of year, the MTB races and trail-running events were nevertheless both well-attended, and riders and runners were keen to hit the trails hard. However, as the day progressed the heat added an extra dimension of difficulty to the already notoriously demanding route, and once across the finish line participants all agreed it had been the toughest Skyride to date. 

Drikus Coetzee won the Elite Men’s MTB event, claiming the overall lead in the 2017 Gravel & Dirt Series Skyride men’s rankings. Michelle Vorster took first place in the Elite Woman's category, putting her into third position overall. 

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The next and final race in the Gravel & Dirt Series is the Gobabis MTB Challenge, set to take place on Saturday the 16th of September 2017 at Goba Lodge. Entries will open on the 16th of August. And MTB enthusiasts eager to test their mettle can register at: http://www.raceday.events/.

The Gravel & Dirt Series is powered by Hollard Namibia, but the Skyride wouldn’t have been such a stellar success without our sponsors. Special thanks to NBL (with Windhoek Light and Aqua Splash), Food Lovers Market, Emed, Squirt Lube, and Zinmag for making the event a true trailblazer for the cycling community in Namibia. [Images by DisorGaniZed ChAos Photography]