Dynamite in a Small Package

Barry de Klerk - The smallest packages can pack the greatest punch and sometimes they can even be affordable.

Our country’s economy is calling for new prospective vehicle owners to double-check their budgets before investing in wheels. Honda has a solution and do not worry, because you will get all you need at a reasonable price.

The manufacturer’s Brio-line is just what you need. If you are looking to drive around in stylish modern vehicle but not burn a hole in your pocket then this might just be perfect for you. The Brio is made to be a budget vehicle and it is a lot more than you thought you needed.

It is a stylish, modern, yet classic body. Made for the younger generation, but anyone can drive it. The Brio 1.2 Comfort has set a standard that can be considered too high for other manufacturers - it comes with front chrome grille; making it look sporty, but still gorgeous.

They went a different route with the rear - trying to make it look like something from the future (in our opinion this might either be a hit or miss).

Its interior also has a sporty feel to it - some chrome finishes on the doors and console. The dashboard flows beautifully in front of the driver and passenger seats, showing off the substantial upgrade from earlier models. The Brio has buttons on its steering wheel, giving the driver easy control over some of the car’s features, such as the entertainment system.

The mighty may be small and the Brio is a perfect example - under the hood is a 1.2 iVTEC engine that delivers 65kW at 6000rpm and 109Nm of torque. The transmission system comes in either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.

ABS and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) are installed for safer braking. The Brio has several airbags for extra safety when the need arises. The car’s seat belts have an automatic pre-tensioning system, helping to restrain the driver and passengers during sudden stops.

The airbags are constructed in a spiral form and as it gradually deploys, this makes for a softer impact on the body in case of an accident. Other security features include a central locking system and an immobilizer.

All in all, this little car packs quite a lot!

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