Like Music on Wheels

Barry De Klerk – ‘Comfort’ is the word that comes to mind when you are looking for a good vehicle for your daily commutes and even the long holiday drives.

Honda might have just the right car for you! The Jazz Sport is like riding on a cloud of music - comfortable and smooth. The thing about this vehicle is, it packs quite a punch. The 1.5l engine powered car is like a little Ferrari.

The “Sport” moniker is well earned and makes you think this is the baby Type-R, which it probably is. The car’s front-end gives off a more aggressive and linear appearance than its predecessors. It is an attractive look and was probably with the intent to attract younger buyers.

Honda enlarged the vehicle’s body build, same as with all the other Jazz models. The car is longer and wider. This does not just make it look like it is ready for battle, but also increases the interior space.

The interior features are just as awesome as those on the outside. The upgraded Honda entertainment system has a touch-screen display and user interface system. It also includes audio streaming, Bluetooth and hands-free call system. The one thing that makes it unique is the HDMI port, which allows you play high definition videos on your car’s system.

Honda Jazz NamAuto

The Sport 1.5 is one of many other models, but this truly leaves a mark. The car has a CVT transmission, which might be a concern to some. However, this has one big advantage - it provides a smoother ride when in traffic.

The engine gives out 97 kW and 155 N.m, which is more than the other 1.5 models.It has a slightly fettled suspension with revised dampers. It also has rear disc brakes with ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). The car can reach 100km/h in a reported 9.62 seconds.

Honda also made sure to keep safety at the top of the production essentials list. The Jazz offers various airbags to ensure extreme safety, when needed. It has stability control to make sure you always stay on the road.

The Honda Jazz is truly like music on the road. The younger motor owner will definitely find it ideal for the city. It is beautiful and delivers enough power to have some safe extreme fun.

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