How to Love Your Car This Winter

Let’s be honest, we can all be found guilty of putting our cars through quite a lot. From long distance travel, gravel roads (and the occasional karaoke session) your car always gets you to where you need to go. With winter on the horizon and with it the possibility of some of the harsh conditions; here are some handy tips to help you love your car some more.


Having properly inflated tyres allows you to brake faster, deliver better handling and consume fuel more efficiently. Check your tyre pressure at least once a month; prior to any long journeys and gravel road trips.


Check your engine oil when your car is warm and placed on level ground. Try to do this weekly or every time that you fill up your car. The regular checking of oil can help you to catch a leak before your car overheats. It also prevents much bigger problems for your vehicle down the road.


An unclean vehicle will ultimately attract dirt and grime that can damage your car’s interior and exterior. Be sure to keep your vehicle clean to extend its life and resale value.


With the kind of chilly mornings that raise the signal for the start of winter, it could be a good idea to idle your car or drive it slowly at the start. Be mindful of wasting petrol and use this best practice to heat up the oil and successfully lubricate your engine.

Service Schedule:

Many car owners hibernate and skip the service schedule that’s laid out in each owner's manual. Paying attention to yours means that you’ll get the car maintenance, mechanical inspection and even the immediate car repair that you may need. Never skimp on servicing, it may mean that your car won’t last until next winter!

Your car is a loyal friend, your music machine and a trusted daily companion.

Take care of your car this wintery season and learn to love it all year round too!