Importance of Insurance

Garwin Beukes - A total of three cars. That is what I've lost due to accidents and sadly, only ONE of these cars was covered by insurance.

Living in a country that has one of the highest road related crashes in the world, it is safe to say that no matter how good or patient of a driver you are, at some point of a daily driver you will be involved in an accident.

Getting your vehicle insured might be costly to start with, but could save you so much from unnecessary expenditures in the future. If this still doesn't convince you, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your vehicle is one of your most expensive assets, one of the biggest investments you make - protect it!
  • Insurance helps settle the cost in the event that an accident turns to a lawsuit - whether or not it was your fault.
  • Protects you from motorists who do not have insurance of their own (taxi's come to mind).
  • Not only pays for accidents but for theft and vandalism of whatever is in your vehicle.
  • Repairs your car with only certified panel beaters, ensuring that your car is fixed properly and professionally.

Next week we speak about getting the best possible ad-ons to your contract.