Jaguar XF

Garwin Beukes - For Namibian residents our landscapes can sometimes be very dull and unappealing and down right boring to drive on.

Not to mention the numerous potholes along the way. Well that might be an entirely different story when it comes down to the Jaguar XF. Sporting a similiar design structure as the XE, the XF certainly also has it's own character as well as uniqueness, all while staying true to the Jaguar brand.

The XF's well sculpted, and proportioned design is highlighted by the sleek and elegant arc which envelopes the length of the vehicle, round off with the sporty and attractive LED tail lights.

XF's sweeping exterior design is naturally aerodynamic. Its advanced form enhances handling, dynamics and refinement. Even the flush mount headlights and side power vents have been precision honed through exhaustive design testing to reduce drag and increase down-force.

The well-thought of design aspects do not end there. While the exterior might be somewhat sporty, the interior breathes pure luxury with a hint of presidential importance. The comfort leather seats are just part of the detailed design. The well-rounded infotainment system, complete with a multi-functional steering wheel puts the power in the driver's fingertips, as little attention will be diverted from the road when changing the functions.

When it comes down to performance, the XF certainly isn't a shy guy. However, it might not live up to the standards of the XE and Jaguar F-Type, but still gets the job done and with an easing manner. Cruising at relatively high speeds on the winding roads provided by our vast landscape, the XF takes the turns without any problems. Having said that, the feeling of the gears dropping a few shifts when trying to accelerate, could have it's irritating moments.

All-in-all, the XF is still a masterpiece in engineering produced by Jaguar.