Journey of the City Car

Barry de Klerk - In recent years people living in cities have been switching over to smaller vehicles with smaller engines to make their daily commutes a breeze.

The people at Audi joined this mission and gave us the small A1. This is a car that came at the time when hatchbacks were making their way to the modern era, but at first it was not as beautiful as the others. Fast forward to 2019 and it is one of the most sought after smaller cars.

Audi might not be affordable for everyone, but their vehicles are definitely worth the price.The 2019 model of the A1 is one of my favourite cars to date. The best thing about the car is that there are so many different ones to choose for. You can have one as an everyday car or get one that is a little sportier. Personally, I went for the TFSI Sport 1.4.

The interior design means business, and by business, I mean sporty. The edgy design makes it look like a spaceship on a sci-fi movie. Nearly everything is controlled by a button or on a screen. Like most modern cars, you also get one of the best infotainment systems available on the market.

There is enough space between the front and back seats, so you will be fairly comfortable if you decide to hit the long road. The new model is more spacious than the older ones. The load bay now has 335 litres of space and can be increased to 1090 litres if you fold down the rear seats.

Do not let the name trick to you, under the hood you will find a 1.5l turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It kicks out 110 kW and 250 Nm. Audi claimed that you can reach 100km/h in 7.7 seconds.

Safety is also important and this car has a high safety ranking. The car has various airbags, parking aid assist, a rear-view camera system and ABS.

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